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Clinic Staff


“The MIAA 3-Umpire Instructional Clinic in Kansas City is among the absolute best camps/clinics that I’ve ever attended.  Highly credentialed clinicians offer outstanding instruction focused on the individual umpires.  When considering future D-I staff membership, I fully trust and utilize the recommendations coming to me from the camp staff.  I strongly endorse this camp to matriculating college umpires.”

Rich Fetchiet

Conference Coordinator for the Big XII, B1G, AAC, Big East & MAC


"As a mid major coordinator in the CBUA footprint,  CBUA instructional clinics are a critical part of the recruiting process of new umpires to the DI level. I know umpires attending these clinics are getting the correct training in mechanics, rules and philosophy. A recommendation coming from the CBUA Clinic Staff can be the key to taking the next step in your umpiring career." 

Mike Conlin

Conference Coordinator for the Missouri Valley, Horizon, and Summit

Meet the Instructors

Chris Coskey
  • 5 College World Series

  • 10 NCAA Super Regionals

  • 19 NCAA Regionals

  • Supervisor of Umpires for the MIAA Conference

  • Umpire in the Big XII Conference

  • Several Big XII Conference Tournaments

  • 2 NCAA D-II National Championships

Jason Blackburn
  • 2021 NCAA Regional Alternate

  • Umpire in the Big XII, Sun Belt, Missouri Valley, Ohio Valley and Summit Conferences

  • Southland & Summit Conference Tournaments

  • 2010 NCAA D-II National Championship

Tim Cordill
  • 3 NCAA Super Regional

  • 6 NCAA Division I Regionals

  • Big XII, Big 10, Big East Conference Umpire

  • Big XII, Big East & Summit Conference Tournaments

  • Former professional umpire

  • Director of Video Training for the CBUA

Mark Winters
  • 2021 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan

  • 1 College World Series

  • 4 Super Regionals

  • 8 NCAA Division I Regionals

  • Supervisor of Umpires for the GLVC

  • Big XII Conference Umpire

  • Several Big XII Tournaments

  • 12 years of professional umpiring experience.

Casey Moser
  • 1 College World Series

  • 3 Super Regional

  • 6 Regionals

  • Several Big XII & AAC Tournaments

  • 2006 World Baseball Classic

  • 14 Years of Professional Baseball, 7 Years in AAA

  • 5 Year Major League Fill-In

Mark Wagers
  • 1 College World Series

  • 5 Super Regionals

  • 13 Regionals

  • Several Big XII, Big 10 & AAC Tournaments

  • Umpire in the Big XII, Big 10, American Conferences

Seth Buckminster
  • 1 NCAA Regional

  • Umpire in the SEC & Big XII

  • MLB - 4 Years, 92 Games

  • Former Minor League Umpire with an 11 year professional career

Alex Ransom
  • Umpire in the SEC, Ohio Valley & A-Sun Conferences

  • Several OVC Conference Tournaments

  • Former Minor League Umpire with a 6 year professional career

Matt Anderson
  • ​3 NCAA Regionals

  • Umpire in the Big XII, Big 10, Missouri Valley and Summit Conferences

  • Missouri Valley & Summit Conference Tournaments

Josh Schepis
  • 13 NCAA Regionals

  • Umpire in Big XII, Big 10 & American AthleticConferences

  • Several Big XII, Big 10, Missouri Valley and Summit Conference Tournaments

Greg harmon
  • 4 NCAA Super Regionals

  • 11 NCAA Regionals

  • Several Missouri Valley Conference Tournaments

  • Umpire in the Big XII, Big 10, American, and Missouri Valley Conferences.

  • 2011 NCAA D-II National Championship

Mark Hutchison
  • 3 NCAA Regionals

  • Several American and Summit Conference Tournaments

  • Umpire in the Big 12, Big, 10, American, Missouri Valley and Summit Conferences.

Jim Jackson
  • 1 CWS (2010), 8 Super Regionals, 13 Regionals.

  • 17 Conference Tournaments (10 Big Ten, 6 Missouri Valley, 1 Big East)

  • 2005 World Cup (The Netherlands)

  • 2008 Olympic Qualifying Tournament (Taiwan)

Clint Wheeler
  • Umpire in the Big XII, Big 10 and Missouri Valley Conferences.

  • Several Missouri Valley Conference Tournaments

  • 2014 NCAA D-II National Championship.

Dan Key
  • Assigner for KCAC

  • Assigner for KJCCC

  • 3 NAIA Regionals

  • Several KCAC Conference Tournaments.

  • Umpire in the GLVC, KCAC, KJCCC

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