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CBUA Mid-American Advanced Umpire Clinic

Melissa, Tx

The CBUA Mid-American Advanced Umpire Clinic II, a CBUA Umpire Clinic located in Melissa, Texas, is considered to be one of the premier umpire clinics in the country. We are dedicated to providing our umpires with knowledge and instruction from some of the elite college umpires in the nation.


The clinic is designed to provide current college umpires with the skills and attitude necessary to advance their careers to the NCAA Division I & II levels.


Clinic Instructors will work with umpires in the classroom, on the field and in the cages. Over the weekend umpires will umpire V-Tool showcase tournament  games to enhance their knowledge of 3-umpire mechanics, positioning and judgment. umpires will receive instruction and an evaluation of their performance in accordance with NCAA standards.


2023 CBUA Mid-American Advanced Umpire Clinic Information


Learn what we will be doing over the weekend at the clinic.


We put together the best staff of instructors and evaluators.


Register and submit payment to reserve your spot at the clinic.

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